How online toy stores can use customer feedback to their advantage:

Online shopping has become very popular in recent years, with more people opting to purchase their goods online rather than having to navigate crowds in a store. Toy stores, too, have joined in on the trend and most popular toy stores now have online shopping facilities which guarantee convenience as well as choice. When searching for a store from which to buy a toy, you are able to read online toy brand reviews, which will help you in making your selection, such as the nearest Toys’ R Us locations in your area, as well as which stores to avoid due to bad reviews.

An exciting feature that the more popular online toy stores have introduced is a customer feedback section, in which people can rate the toys that they have purchased. Whether it is a positive or negative review, it can influence a buyer’s decision.

There are many benefits to online toy stores having a feedback section, not only for the customers, but also for the store itself.

Benefits to the store could include the following:

By reading customer reviews of the toys that have been purchased, a store can ascertain what the more popular toys are, and which ones have been given negative reviews. This can assist them in managing their stock and ordering in more of the popular toys. They can also use the reviews to display the more popular toys in larger open areas using colours and designs to catch the customers eye and lead them to the product. When customers are able to provide feedback, they feel that their opinions are valued, which leads to more customers returning to the store, i.e customer retention, as well as potentially attracting new customers as well. It can bring a sense of credibility to the products and the store. Happy customers will go out of their way to purchase from the store again and will display brand loyalty.

Benefits to potential customers:

By reading reviews of a product that we are interested in, we can see how other customers have used the toy, and if it is worth getting. While some might review a product negatively, it is better to know the pros and cons of the product before you buy it. Customer feedback allows potential buyers to assess not only the popularity but also the quality of a certain toy. It can help gauge customer satisfaction as a whole. Customers feel valued when they are able to give feedback on a product or the store itself. Stores that allow customer feedback can use this feedback to create a more pleasant shopping experience for new customers, based on the reviews posted by those who have shopped there before.

If an online toy store does not have a feedback section, there are many other ways in which you can find out about the quality of the store and product, such as reading reviews on review sites as well as educational blogs. Another popular method reviewing products is by posting videos on video sharing sites, which can greatly influence future buyers decisions.

Best Quality and Price of Shapewear Bodysuits in Sculptshe

Women can be more confident when they have good body shape and posture. It will be much better when they can have ideal weight and sexy body. However, it is not something that can come naturally. It needs workouts and other efforts to achieve the body goal. Related to the body of women, area of waist, tummy, and butt are the main attentions. It is great when they are able to get nice curves in the area. Some workouts can be chosen to get the results. Then, it is also possible to wear waist and thigh trainer. The waist trainer is type of shapewear. It can be picked to get better body instantly, but there are also products that women can wear during the workout.

Various Types of Shapewear Bodysuits

Thigh and waist trainer is only one of the shapewear suits. There are still many of them. Each of them is determined and designed based on certain body parts of women that they want to shape. Waist and thigh are two of them. Then, there is also butt lifter that will be good option to shape the butt. For women who want to get optimal results on whole body, there is also complete set of bodysuits that will cover all area, including the ones for the upper and lower body parts. Arm trimmers can also be added into the lists. Surely, there are many kinds of them, and each of them serves different purposes.

Shapewear Bodysuits in Sculptshe

Women can find many options of shapewear. They can choose what they need depending on personal preference and body condition. Then, they can look for the stores to get the bodysuits. There are many stores, but it can be tricky when they want to get something good in quality and price. In this case, there is website of Sculptshe that can become solution. The website serves as the online store, and it is dedicated for products of shapewear. That is why there are many options of products with different designs, models, and prices. Some products also get special sale or discounts so it can be more convenient. In term of quality, all shapewear bodysuits in Sculptshe are great with excellent materials and other aspects.

Ultimate Guide To Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Punjabi wedding is a grand event, as Punjabi’s love grandeur and celebrations. They strictly follow all the rituals as instructed by the Sikh religion. There are many religious and social rituals observed in a Punjabi wedding.


Roka is the first ceremony held for announcing the decision of marriage taken by two families. It is the same as engagement, where the bride and groom officially accept each other as life partner. Hence, both families exchange gifts and sweet boxes to celebrate the occasion.


 This ritual is usually observed during the Roka ceremony. The groom’s mother or sister lovingly places a red chunni or decorated dupatta over the head of the bride. Then she is showered with sari or traditional Punjabi clothes and jewelry.

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This is the official engagement of a Punjabi new couple, which is organized either at the groom’s place or the local Gurdwara. The function starts with a short prayer from Guru Granth Sahib and then the groom slips a ring into the finger of his bride. The bride’s family gifts him some symbols of the Sikh religion, like Kada (an iron bangle) and Kripan (a small sword).

Shagun and SaahaPatr (Wedding Invitation)

Punjabis invite their wedding guests with Shagun or a small token gift and SaahaPatr or the Sikh wedding invitation. Thus, they buy Punjabi wedding cards from reputed wedding card makers, adorned with traditional Sikh symbols or unique patterns as cover page designs.

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Akhand Path

This is the continuous recitation of Guru Granth Sahib, which is the main religious scripture of Sikhs. It takes more than 2 days at a stretch and the recitation is done by a team of readers from the local Gurdwara. This recitation is conducted for seeking divine blessings for the new couple.

Ladies Sangeet

This ceremony is held at the bride’s place, in honor of the bride and her bridesmaids. The groom and his family members are also invited to join the celebration, with dance and music.

Chooda ceremony

This is the first ritual held at the bride’s place, on the day of the wedding. The eldest maternal uncle and aunt of the bride gift her with a set of red bangles, called Chooda. All the elders bless the bride by touching this Chooda and showering flower petals on her.

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This celebration is organized on the evening before the wedding day at the bride’s home. The style of this function depends on the part of Punjab from where the bride hails from. It may consist of several rituals, like Mehendi, Sangeet, and Batna.

Gana ritual

According to this Punjabi ritual, a red thread is tied on the left hand of the bride and the right hand of the groom. It is conducted to ward off all evil omens, due to the sacredness of the red thread.

Vatna ritual

This ritual is the same as the Haldi ceremony of Hindus. Turmeric paste is mixed with mustard oil and applied to the face and body of the bride, by all her female relatives, to make her more beautiful on the wedding day. Four lamps are lit and placed in front of the bride during this ceremony. It is also organized at the groom’s place, smearing the groom with turmeric paste.

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Mehendi ceremony

Beautiful designs are made with Henna paste on the hands and feet of the bride. It is usually conducted on the day before the wedding date at the bride’s place. Other female family members, mainly the young ones also adorn their hands with Mehendi.

Gharoli ritual

In this ritual, the sister or the sister-in-law of the bride visits the nearest temple and fills a pitcher with water there. The bride is supposed to be bathed with this water. Similarly, the groom’s sister-in-law performs the same ritual by bringing water for bathing the groom at their home.


This is the introductory ritual in a Punjabi marriage after the groom arrives at the bride’s place for marrying her. The bride’s family members give clothes and cash as shogun or token of good wishes to the close family members of the groom.

Anand Karaj

This is the main wedding ceremony for a Punjabi couple, which literally means “Act towards a happy life”. It was introduced by Guru Amar Das and 4 laavaan or sacred hymns are recited during this ceremony.


This ritual marks the official farewell of the bride from her home after her marriage when she leaves for her husband’s home. Hence, it is a sad time for the bride and her family.

There are many other rituals at the groom’s place as well, which are conducted after the bride reaches there.

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The High Waist Shaping Thong

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